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Greater Toronto Area (GTA) & Car Insurance

Today we are going to discuss car insurance premiums in GTA. This should not come as news to many that GTA is by far the most expensive region in...

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Self-Driving Cars In Ontario

Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca recently announced that Ontario will allow companies to test Driver-less cars on its roads,...

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10 things you must do after a car accident:

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The Steps you must take after a Slip / Trip and Fall Accident at any Store, Mall, or City Public Place

Step 1: Call the ambulance and wait for their arrival. Paramedics will record the conditions, time, and severity of your injuries. Take a copy of the hospital report, if there is one;

Step 2: Record contact information of any people who witnessed the accident and later become in any way related to your accident (bystanders, paramedics, doctors, etc.);

Step 3: If possible, call the security guard at the place where you fell and ask them to document the accident. Take a copy of their report.

Step 4: Take a photograph of the place where you fell, the substance or object, which caused you to fall, and the injuries you sustained, even if you can only do it with a cell phone;

Step 5: Contact a lawyer within 2 days of the accident, so that the lawyer can prepare and forward all the relevant documents within the necessary deadlines. If you are unable to contact a lawyer soon after the accident at any city public place, notify your municipality about the accident in writing not later than 3 days after the accident;

Step 6: Save the shoes you were in when you fell. It is best to take a clear photo of your shoes to prove their condition at the time of the fall;

Step 7: Find out the information about the official weather conditions at the place and time of the accident by reviewing the historical weather data at Print out this information and give it to your lawyer;

Step 8: Get every document relevant to your accident (receipts, security reports, contact information, etc.), and provide all of them to your lawyer;

Step 9: Update your lawyer and doctor about all the changes in your health after the accident and their effect on your ability to work, perform basic tasks at home, care for yourself and your children, etc.