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Accident Benefits

Get Experienced Lawyer's Advice for your Accident Benefits Claim in Toronto and GTA. Our Firm Helps Thousands of Clients Requiring Accident Benefits after a Car Accident

Victims of car accidents have the right to get mandatory benefits from an insurance company to cover their medical care, income replacement, and other expenses.

Accident benefits can be separated into two sections:

Mandatory Benefits – person injured in a car accident asks their own insurance company to pay for their rehabilitation, lost income, housekeeping and other expenses. If the insurance company refuses pay for a benefit, the injured person can force the insurance company to pay through the legal system.

Tort Claims – person injured in a car accident sues the insurance company of the person who caused the accident to get the money for rehabilitation, pain and suffering, psychological trauma, rebuilding of their home to accommodate their disability, and any other expenses and loses related to the accident.

Recovering benefits through insurance companies is quite difficult. A lot of complex paperwork and strict deadlines are involved. Thus, it is very important not to attempt to recover accident benefits yourself but to consult a lawyer who is an expert in accident benefits and personal injury law.

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It is important to know that the recent changes passed by the Ontario government have dramatically lowered benefit claims. The following chart highlights these changes which affect policies either renewed or issued after September 1, 2010. One important change involves introduction of a “minor injury”, because people with such minor injuries are limited to $3500 in benefits. Take advantage of free consultation with an experienced accident benefits lawyer at Ambridge Law to understand how you can get the money you deserve even in light of the new changes in the law. 


Issued before Sept. 1, 2010

Issued after
Sept. 1, 2010

Income Replacement Benefits ("IRB")

 Entitlements: 80% of your net income, witha maximum of $400 per week. These benefits will last for the first 104 weeks. After this period you can only continue to collect if your injury prevents you from an occupation you are historically qualified for.

Entitlements: 70% of your net income, with a maximum of $400 per week. These benefits will last for the first 104 weeks. After this period you can only continue to collect if your injury prevents you from an occupation you are historically qualified for.

Medical & Rehabilitation Benefits

Non-catastrophic injuries: 100k maximum for up to 10 years

Catastrophic injuries: 1 million dollars for the lifetime of the victim.

Minor Injuries : $3500 maximum, inclusive of exam expenses.

Non-catastrophic now defined as Non-minor injuries:50k maximum, inclusive of exam expenses.

Catastrophicinjuries: 1 million for the lifetime of the victim, inclusive of exam expenses.

Non-Earner Benefits

$185 a week maximum, for unemployed victims who have experience some loss of quality of life. Not available until 6 months after the accident.

No change.

Caregiver Benefits

 $250 a week maximum, for primary caregivers who reside with the beneficiary of their care; $50 for each additional party receiving care.

Now only available for catastrophic cases.

Housekeeping & Home Maintenance Benefits

Non-catastrophic: $100 per week maximum,lasting two years. 

Catastrophic injuries: $100 per week maximum, for the duration of the victim's life.

Now only available for catastrophic cases and subject to certain interpretations.

Attendant Care Benefits (for personal care)

Non-catastrophic: $3,000 a month maximum, for two years ($72,000 maximum all-in)

Catastrophic: $6,000 per month maximum, for the victim's lifetime ($1,000,000 maximum all-in)

Non-catastrophic: Changed from $72,000 to $36,000 maximum.

Catastrophic: No change.

Lost Educational Expenses

15k maximum.

No change.

Death Benefits

Spouse: $25,000

Dependents: $10,000 each

Person on whom the victim was dependent: $10,000

Funeral Expenses: $6000

No change.

Travel Expenses

Paid to family members who live with the victim, during recovery and therapy.

No change.


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